Legal Services

Commercial law

We help entrepreneurs orient themselves in commercial law. When providing legal services, we primarily take into account the client's interest, also taking into account the client's field of business and the prevention of possible risks. The client will get a legal solution to his problem with us and can fully concentrate on his business.

In the field of commercial law, we provide clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • general terms and conditions
  • unfair competition
  • damages
  • debt collection
  • representation in court
  • representation in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings
  • writing and analysis of contracts - purchase contract, company sale contract, lease contract, loan contract, license contract for industrial property items, contract for work done, mandate contract, commission contract, contract for checking activities, contract of shipping, contract of transportation of goods, vehicle rental contract, commercial agency contract, sleeping partnership contract and more

Corporate law

For beginning entrepreneurs, there is often the hard question as to which form of business to choose. More experienced entrepreneurs already know that with each change, the legal documentation and entry in the Companies Register also change. During its existence, a business company develops and changes dynamically, there is often a change of the business name, registered office or business activities, people in the company change, it merges with other companies or splits, internal struggles occur within the company, or it is necessary to carry out changes due to changes in legislation. We offer legal services in the establishment of business companies, their changes, we will help you with their liquidation.

In the field of corporate law, we provide clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • founding of business companies, their changes and liquidations – foundation and changes of limited liability companies, joint stock companies (corporations), foundation of organizational units
  • writing of operating agreements, founding agreements and articles of association
  • advice, preparation of the necessary documents
  • entry in the Companies Register
  • deletion from the Companies Register
  • transfers of ownership interests, transfers of shares
  • mergers of companies
  • split-ip of a company
  • increase and decrease of share capital

Transport and logistics

We have been providing legal services for a long time for entrepreneurs dealing with transport, from the preparation of contractual documentation through the process of eliminating possible risks, in debt collection or damages.

n the field of transport and logistics, we provide clients with the following legal services:

  • general business conditions in transport
  • contracts in logistics, transport, transportation of goods
  • debt collection
  • insured events and damages

Debt collection and damages

The entrepreneur bears the business risk every day and the alpha and omega of a successful business is to get paid on time for his goods and services and eliminate the imminent damage. In this regard, we can provide you with legal services at the beginning of the implementation of the contractual relationship by setting up effective tools and procedures, as well as in the actual debt collection and assertion of claims for damages.

When collecting debts and exacting damages, we provide our clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • extrajudicial debt collection
  • debt collection through courts
  • the purchase, sale, assignment and set-off of receivables
  • exaction of damages
  • execution, voluntary auction

Civil law

Civil law is a general branch of private law, it is implemented in ordinary contacts between people and has its own rules. Therefore, it is always better to get advice in advance and prevent a problem than to seek a solution to an already existing problem.

In the field of civil law, we provide clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • writing and analysis of contracts - purchase contract, contract of donation, pledge or mortgage contract, contract of surety, contract for work done, loan contract, contract of borrowing, lease contract etc.
  • establishment of foundations, associations, land associations
  • writing of last wills, disinheritance deeds, agreements of heirs, a proposal to negotiate newly discovered property, representation in inheritance proceedings
  • real estate law and neighbors' disputes
  • cancellation and settlement of an estate in common
  • adjustment, cancellation and settlement ownership by the entirety of spouses
  • intellectual property law
  • protection of personal rights
  • consumer protection
  • insured events
  • damages
  • recovery of property obtained as a result of unjust enrichment
  • representation in court
  • representation in bankruptcy proceedings
  • representation in execution proceedings

Family law

The family is the basic cell of society and needs to be protected. At the same time, there are often sensitive situations in the family circle that have a major impact on a person's future life. We have extensive experience in representing our clients in family law matters, and we always approach this issue with regard to the sensitivity of each case and at the same time in a legally effective way. We represent clients in divorce proceedings as well as in proceedings for the adjustment of parental rights and obligations towards minors, including alimony, as well as in other proceedings.

In the field of family law, we provide our clients with the following legal services:

  • divorce and settlement of property
  • alimony
  • adjustment of contact with a minor
  • determination of parenthood, determination of paternity
  • denial of paternity
  • foster care
  • tutorship
  • guardianship
  • adoption
  • permission to marry

Real estate law

Buying a house, appartment, selling them or otherwise disposing of real estate (donation, rental or lease) is a crucial life decision, with a larger amount of money usually being exposed to risk. We strive to fully protect the property and investments of our clients, so we primarily take this aspect into account when preparing contracts and assessing them.

In the field of real estate law, we provide our clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • legal service for the registration of ownership rights and other rights to real estate in the Land Register
  • writing and analysis of contracts
  • real estate transfers - purchase contract, contract of donation, contract of exchange
  • contracts on real rights to real estate – mortgage lien contract, contract to create an easement, contract for securing an obligation by transfer of title, pre-emptive right contract
  • rental or lease contract (rental or lease of a house, appartment, non-residential space, land)
  • acquisition of title by prescription
  • establishment of a community of owners of appartments and non-residential premises
  • writing and analysis of contracts for the performance of apartment building management
  • establishment of land associations
  • actions to determine the title to real estate
  • actions for annulment
  • action of ejectment
  • settlement of ownership in commons
  • settlement of ownership by the entirety of spouses

Intellectual property, IT law

Intellectual property is the result of human thinking and creativity and is an intangible property, so it is necessary to protect it in terms of law.

In the field of intellectual property law, we provide the clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • legal advice in the field of intellectual property law - copyright, performers' law, law of producers of sound and audio-visual recordings, broadcasters' law, company name law and law of reputation of a legal entity, improvement proposals, know-how, logo, domain names
  • preparation of license contracts
  • registration of a trademark, patent, design, utility model, mask work, designation of origin of a product and geographical indication of a product
  • writing of actions and representation of clients in disputes concerning infringements of intellectual property rights, business name protection
  • representation of clients before the Industrial Property Office

Employment law

Labor law as a branch of law regulates relations between people in the performance of human labor. An employment relationship is established by an agreement - an employment contract, with the Labor Code clearly defining the rights and obligations of employers and employees, which must be complied with. The most frequent violations of rights occur when the employment relationship is being terminated, i.e.many problems can be prevented when there is an early intervention.

In the field of employment law, we provide our clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • comprehensive legal services and legal advice
  • legal audit and due diligence in the field of employment law
  • elaboration of sample employment law documentation
  • employment contracts, management contracts, agreements on changes in working conditions
  • agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship
  • termination of an employment relationship (termination, agreement, immediate termination of the employment relationship, termination during the probationary period), including advice on collective redundancies and termination of activities of a business
  • liability in employment law and compensation for damage from the liability of an employee or employer under the Labor Code (material liability, liability for damage in the event of an accident at work and in the event of an occupational disease)
  • representation in labor disputes (actions for payment of a wage, for invalidity of the termination of an employment relationship, for damages)
  • employer representation
  • employee representation

Sports law

A sportsman's career always depends on his health and performance. Therefore, we recommend that sportsmen think ahead and set up their legal relationships as early as at a time when their sports performance and achievements are growing.

In the field of sports law, we provide our clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • establishment of sports clubs, their changes
  • legal representation of sportsmen and sports clubs in asserting their claims
  • legal advice and legal representation, especially in the field of soccer, legal representation before the Slovak Football Association, FIFA, arbitration and general courts
  • writing, analyzing and commenting on contracts - player's contract, transfer contract (player transfer), severance payment, education payment, release for the purpose of representation, coach's contract, referee's contract, agent's contract, manager's contract, club merger contract, competition license transfer contract (assignment of the right of start), sponsorship contract
  • legal advice and legal representation in liability relations and in doping

Criminal law

Criminal prosecution is a serious matter, it has a fundamental impact on a person's freedom and on his or her future life and relationships. The right to a defense is the most fundamental right of a person accused in criminal proceedings, and the defence attorney is the person through which the accused can exercise this right. At the same time, it is essential that all the facts in favor of the accused be clarified in the criminal proceedings and that no innocent person be convicted of the act. Our extensive experience in criminal law and criminal proceedings will enable you to exercise your rights fully.

In the field of criminal law, we provide our clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • legal analyzes of legally complex cases in terms of criminal law
  • qualified writing of a criminal charge
  • defense of the accused, defendant and convicted person at all stages of criminal proceedings (legal analysis of the matter, direct participation in all acts of the criminal proceedings, submissions to law enforcement agencies and the court, complaints, motions, appeals, appellate review, petition for reopening of proceedings)
  • writing an application for suspension of sentence, conditional release from serving a sentence of imprisonment, conditional release from the remainder of the execution of a prohibition of activity, applications for the deletion of a conviction from criminal records, applications for pardon
  • representation of the injured party in criminal proceedings, in the exaction of damages caused by a crime

Litigation and arbitration proceedings

Proceedings before a court have specific rules, and for the success of the case it is necessary to know the principles and procedural procedures so that the claim is asserted in time, has all the prescribed requisites, is asserted in the proper amount, is adequately substantiated, etc. Our many years of experience in representing clients in court allow us to be legally active in all types of proceedings. As we have a guaranteed electronic signature, we will save you money on court fees when filing a petition or action through our law firm.

In the field of litigation agenda, we provide clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • legal analysis of a case, evaluation of the client's position, possible risks and determination of the process strategy
  • writing of motions, actions, ordinary and extraordinary remedial measures - appeal, complaint, action for reopening of proceedings, appellate review
  • representation of clients in commercial, civil, family and employment law disputes
  • representation of clients in extrajudicial negotiations
  • representation of clients before courts, including representation before the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic and the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic and before arbitration courts
  • representation of clients in execution proceedings

Administrative law

Administrative law consists of public law rules that govern relations between administrative bodies and natural person or legal entities, as well as between administrative bodies themselves.

In the field of administrative law, we provide clients mainly with the following legal services:

  • building permit procedure - legal advice and legal representatione
  • tax proceedings - legal advice and legal representation
  • administrative infraction proceedings - legal advice and legal representation
  • proceedings in matters of the Trade Register - legal advice and legal representation
  • administrative justice - legal advice and legal representation

Immigration law

We help foreigners who come to Slovakia to do business, work or study in obtaining a residence permit.

In the field of immigration law, we provide clients with the following legal services:

  • temporary residence permit - legal advice and legal representation in obtaining a temporary residence permit for the purposes of doing business, employment, studies, special activities, research and development or family reunification for a third-country national who has the status of a Slovak living abroad, for a third-country national who has long-term resident status in another Member State, or in obtaining a temporary residence permit on the basis of a European Union Blue Card - Blue Card
  • permanent residence permit - legal advice and legal representation in obtaining a permanent residence permit - permanent residence for 5 years, for an indefinite period, long-term residence
  • tolerated residence - legal advice and legal representation
  • writing an application for a temporary residence, application for renewal of a temporary residence, writing an application for a blue card, application for a renewal of a blue card, writing an application for a permanent residence
  • work permit - legal advice and legal representation
  • foundation of a trade
  • foundation of a company – foundation of a limited liability company, foundation of a joint stock company (corporation)
  • changes in a company, including the expansion of business activities - changes in a limited liability company, changes in a joint stock company (corporation)

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